Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The point of adjustment

The point of adjustment

Carlos Gropen

The lifestyle has brought many modern amenities, comfort and practicality. If on the one hand these achievements are irrefutable, on the other, bring potentially harmful consequences. The popularization of the remote, frozen foods, tele-deliveries, restricted or no time for food and lack of physical activities are small factors that directly and indirectly provide increased weight.

Despite the various mechanisms and described theories to explain the reason for the recent increase in the incidence of obesity, none is more important than the lack of regular physical activity associated with poor diet, both with regard to the factor quantitatively and qualitatively, than the times and intervals between meals. Once established the weight gain at the expense of body fat, the body tends to "protect" the excess energy stored as fat. The phenomenon dates back to a primitive era, in which the acquisition represented an evolutionary trait to protect us in times of great food deprivation, and increase the chance of survival.

This mechanism of control is called set point - or point of adjustment - and acts as an inertial mechanism that makes it difficult to weight loss. Therefore, before we expect a kind of "viagra of obesity," the most appropriate way to a loss of weight and sustained without damage to health will always be associated with the food reeducation regular physical activity, with the help of qualified professionals. Any new measure against this evil will probably be mere adjunct.

Carlos Gropen is medical advisor and health Correio Braziliense of

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